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Four Treatments for PAIN

Why Four Treatments for Pain?

Jonathan has practised acupuncture for over 40 years.

He has trained in and uses many acupuncture styles or traditions, including

Acupuncture is often very effective for pain

Pain, especially ongoing or chronic pain, drags you down.

Pain reduces your enjoyment of life, and limits your energy for it.

Painkillers and other medications can make you feel hungover, impair your sleep and make you woozy.

Acupuncture has few side-effects. (Read about acupuncture side-effects HERE.)

To find out whether acupuncture may help your pain, Jonathan is running a scheme at a discounted price.

Typical acupuncture needle

Not everyone in pain will qualify.

Jonathan only wants people whom he thinks he can help, so booking your four treatments for pain is NOT available via his normal website booking schedule (which is at

Booking for these four treatments for pain can only be booked through Jonathan in person.

What’s the Deal? Four Treatments for Pain

The ‘deal’ is that you come four times over two weeks – three weeks at most. (Monday and Thursdays are available.)

You book these in advance when enrolling in the programme.

These four treatments, including the first assessment and treatment, are all at a discounted price.

This system uses acupuncture, so you need to be happy to receive this form of treatment!

Acupuncture Treatments for Pain

Read more about acupuncture on Jonathan’s other website at

Jonathan hopes you’ll benefit from this, though he isn’t promising that you’ll feel 100% better!

Occasionally, patients do find just one treatment ‘sorts’ them out, but this is rare. Although four treatments may make a big difference, usually you’ll need more than that.

For very long-standing problems, you may need much more than four treatments. If so, probably you’d need to come twice a week for some weeks, then weekly then monthly and eventually only periodically.

We’d all like to fantasize that acupuncture is ‘magic’! – but it isn’t.

Acupuncture is a medical procedure.

Usually you won’t get better after one treatment. After all, how many times have you visited your doctor and over how long has your problem gradually got worse or ‘more’ chronic?

With acupuncture we hope you’ll notice improvements early on, but ‘improvement’ is not cure. For real improvement, you may need a number of treatments.

However, the great advantage of acupuncture is that you’ll almost certainly be able to reduce the number of medications you take, and therefore your body will be less loaded with chemicals. That can have a big affect on how you feel!

Bear in mind that Jonathan rapidly got very busy 40 years ago because so many people did benefit!

After the four treatments, if you would like further treatments, discounts on the usual charges may be available.

Sorry! if you’re pregnant, this special Four Treatments for Pain plan doesn’t apply to you

Currently, this offer does not apply where pain occurs during or as a result of pregnancy.

However, acupuncture often does help many conditions arising during pregnancy, including nausea, tiredness, and pain. Book your first consultation at

Where do the needles go?

In most cases, needles will NOT go near or over the painful area.

Also, this treatment may involve ‘blood-letting’ a few drops of blood (for example from areas on your back or limbs).

This often greatly helps pain if connected to what is called ‘blood stasis’ (

Booking Your Four Treatments for Pain

Pick up your phone to book!

To try this, please ring Jonathan on 07950-012501 or email him at

Talk your problem over with Jonathan, and he’ll tell you if he thinks it will help you. You can book this only by talking to Jonathan.

Information about Jonathan

For more information about Jonathan, his website and the books he’s written, see

Please note that at present this ‘four treatments for pain’ is just spread by word of mouth.

Address for Treatment

NB. You MUST pre-book this treatment plan. Please don’t turn up in the hope of a treatment.

Lothian Acupuncture, 1 Cockburn Halls, George St, Ormiston EH35 5LS

Coming by bus? Alight outside the Co-op and proceed West along Main St. about 200 metres until George St on the right where you’ll see the War Memorial, immediately behind which is 1 Cockburn Halls.

Coming by Car? Round the corner in George Street there is usually plenty of room for car-parking.

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