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About Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Jonathan grew up on a Sussex (England) farm: Jersey cows, Wessex pigs, 400 chickens, Ferguson tractors, South Downs air and British mud.

An unusually clean, but typical Ferguson tractor from 1950s

At university he studied Electrical Engineering. Then he became a Chartered Accountant.

As an accountant he worked in London for almost ten years.

Most fortunately, it made him ill!

Eventually he went to an acupuncturist, Dr Ac Mary Austin. A couple of treatments and he got better, not least because of the advice she gave. He was hooked!

He started training in acupuncture, then homoeopathy, then Chinese herbs, then shiatsu, reflexology and much else, until he realised just how powerful acupuncture was (and its theory in Chinese medicine).

To Dr Austin’s clinic in the 1970s came many famous people, (stars of sports, stage, and screen), but also street-cleaners, judges and MPs, office workers, housewives, and their children.

He had no idea how fortunate he was, getting experience with all these wonderful people.

For more training and experience he joined a group attending courses at Nanjing University Medical School in China.

On his return he moved his practice to Edinburgh where, starting 1982, he saw many thousands of people, using mainly acupuncture, Chinese medicine and homoeopathy.

He still uses homoeopathy and is currently Chair of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (

Lockdown and the Virus

During Lockdown, Jonathan could see no patients in person, so he started doing online consultations (Zoom, Skype etc) and soon people from all round the world were consulting him.

Moving to Ormiston

In 2018 he and his wife moved to live near their daughter and her family in Ormiston, East Lothian, near Edinburgh, and in 2022 he moved his practice there, starting up again, almost from scratch.

Teaching Experience

For many years Jonathan taught Chinese medicine and its theory at Colleges in Scotland. He has also given lectures at the Edinburgh Science Festival, and run courses all over Scotland.


To explain what he was doing, for patients Jonathan wrote a website, explaining Chinese medicine in English.

Now patients, students, and even lecturers in Chinese medicine from all round the world consult it.

Since he began making short Youtube videos for the pages he wrote, a good deal of positive feedback and questions comes in daily.

Diseases and problems explained with Chinese medicine

On his website there’s a page listing many of common diseases and problems often treated with Chinese medicine, explaining what to do.

Jonathan’s Books

Expanding on the most popular pages on his website he wrote various books that take the subjects far further than is possible on a website. Amazon reviewers are very positive about them!

Learning More

As required by his professional organisations, Jonathan vigorously pursues continuing professional development (CPD). He’s nearly always reading up on a relevant subject or doing a course or researching for another book.

Jonathan’s Availability

You can usually reach Jonathan by telephone (07950-012501) or book appointments online via

Currently, he works on Mondays and Thursdays, in Ormiston, at 1 Cockburn Halls, George St, EH35 5JB. Please book your appointment online. Don’t just turn up in the hope he can see you!

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