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Maternal Health

During and after pregnancy, mothers often need help. Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, has been successfully treating mothers for thousands of years.

It’s a good idea to get treatment even before you decide to try for a baby: you want to be healthy first! Then your chances of conceiving and carrying through a successful and comfortable pregnancy greatly improve.

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Then after nine heavy months of carrying your baby and finally giving birth, it’s not surprising you are exhausted and often depressed, not least at what lies ahead.

Chinese medicine well understands this and how those early days after birth cause depression. This can be treated!

And then there’s the ongoing exhaustion, and sometimes desperation, when you have a challenging job, demanding husband and one or more screaming hungry children.

Jonathan has often treated parents in this situation! (He and his wife have two adult children and now several grandchildren too. So, he has been through it!)

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