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Cold and Saunas

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In Chinese medicine, Cold is a major cause of disease. (To find out more click here.)

As we age we become more susceptible to cold and to the diseases it causes. For example:

Heat and Cold

Chinese medicine does not agree with putting ice on damaged muscles or joints after exercise or injury because although it deadens the nerves, cold constricts blood flow, which you need for repairs. 

Warm, healthy blood carries away damaged tissue and brings new blood cells to repair it.

Cold or ice on the limb restricts blood flow, slowing recovery. Eventually you’ll need warmth to repair it, which is Heat.

To help your body overcome its cold condition, Chinese medicine often uses Heat, usually in the form of moxa, but also from infra-red lamps. But other forms of heat also help, and some are great!

We often recommend that patients suffering from Cold use infra-red and one of the cheapest and most pleasant ways to do this is by taking a sauna. 

Saunas in East Lothian

East Lothian has various sports centres with saunas:

Saunas at the above centres cannot be booked. After you’ve registered (free) to become a member you just turn up for a walk-in session. These is a cost, but much cheaper than installing a domestic sauna! 


However, always read the instructions before entering – and some people with certain conditions should definitely not take saunas.

For further details on East Lothian’s Access to Leisure Scheme see their website here: Access to Leisure Scheme (

Acupuncture theory

Chinese medicine theory understands how Cold produces disease, (in fact it’s quite a big theory, with thousands of years experience which we still use today!) and often uses acupuncture for pain.

Acupuncture for Pain

Whether or not your pain is due to Cold, we may be able to help. Although not every type of pain will qualify (we need to talk to you first) we have an introductory offer on acupuncture for pain at a big discount to normal prices.

You may be eligible! Click here to find out more.

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