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Lothian acupuncture – what’s it like?

Most people find having acupuncture quite relaxing!

Hard to believe? Well, until you’ve tried it you won’t know, but one of the reasons Jonathan learned it, and Chinese medicine and all the rest of it, was because of his first experience.

Dr Ac. Mary Austin was one of the foremost practitioners in London in the 1970s, and Jonathan went to her for what he now realises was mild bronchitis, for which the prescription from his doctor had made no difference. In fact it had made him worse because it disturbed his sleep.

So, and remember, Jonathan had never had acupuncture before. He had no idea what to expect! He undressed down to his underpants, climbed onto the couch and had a warm spread draped over him. 

Mary took his pulse the Chinese way, swiftly put a needle in his head (Yes! Near the vertex!) and then in his chest and arm.

What happened next? Jonathan went to sleep. A wonderful deep drowsy doze. It felt as if it had lasted several hours but, actually, Mary woke him after about 25 minutes. She removed the needles and he got up, dressed and went back to work.

That night he slept much better and his cough and breathing were much better. He had another treatment a few days later, after which his cough went and his breathing returned to normal.

But we’ve missed out one vital detail – the advice Mary gave him!

As a result of that, his life changed, though it took several years for the full benefits to take effect. 

So if you receive advice, take it seriously. It’s your life, and you can change it.

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